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Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixyHeart Border [Blue] by RevPixyHeart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

I Support Starlight Maidens! by Miss-Gravillian1992 teddy stamp by findyQ
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It was a beautiful and sunny friday afternoon on Willow Elementary School and a group of three young girls were chatting and walking. The first one, on the center, had light red hair in pigtails and olive green eyes. The second one, on the left, had brown hair and blue eyes with glasses, the third one, on the right had braided black hair and yellow eyes. They were getting out of school and a group of boys were playing basketball near there.

"...And then, I rejected his fifth love letter!" Said the girl on the middle whose name was Kimberly.
"Ha! Well done, Kimmy!" Replied the girl on the left. "Did he sent another?"

All of the love letters that Kimmy recieved were from Noelle's brother, Bradley Harper, who Kimmy labeled as an "idiot". He was playing basketball with his friends at the basketball court that was just in the school's front door. They were playing fine and the two girls that went with Kimmy stood there to see all of the boys playing.

"Girls! Please, Let's go! The hot tub is gonna get cold!" She shouted. "Emma? Vivianne? GIRLS!"
"Sorry Kimmy! The hot tub can wait!" Said Emma, cleaning up a bit her glasses.
"Vivi?" Asked Kimmy.
"Sorry Kimmy, I just love basketball." Replied Vivianne, twirling her long, black hair.
"Gaah! I thought you were MY friends!" Replied a red, pissed off Kimmy.
"Why are YOU talking about US like if we were your property? HUH?" Shouted Emma.
"Because you are supposed to follow me ANYWHERE! I'm not gonna be your friends anymore! And without me you won't have any popularity! Juliet was right! You guys are idiots!"
"IDIOTS? IDIOTS?" Shouted Vivianne "Remember I'm the president of the class and without you, we already were popular! Wanna know what do I think about you?"
"YES" Shouted Kimmy. "Bring it on, I won't care!"
"Fine! I think you're a bratty, whiny, snobby little baby who can't do anything alone! I may not be born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but at least I know I'm better than you and your stupid high school sister! Just because you're the daughter of Catherine White it doesn't implies that you're better than everyone! DID YOU LISTEN?" 

Vivianne wouldn't usually stick up for herself since Emma did it most of the time, and because of that, Kimmy was annoyed.

"FINE! FINE! I don't wanna see you guys anymore! GAAH!" She shouted and ran to her house.

"Tomorrow, she's gonna be begging to us to come back to her." Said Emma from far behind.
"I bet." Replied Vivianne and they high fived.


After a long school day, Bradley entered to his room to cut some pictures for his homework. Suddenly Noelle entered to his room.

"Quickly jerk, do you have my comb?" Said her sister.
"Whaat? Pfft. This thing is a natural beauty." Replied Bradley while touching his hair.
"You have my comb. OH IT IS ON!" Shouted Noelle taking off her lavender shirt, revealing her tank top. Then she threw herself at Bradley. "HYAAA!"
"Okay, OKAY! Have your comb! It's at the bathroom!" After that, Noelle stood up and went to Bradley's bathroom.

After she stood up, Bradley went and gave her a kick on her legs that made Noelle fall.

"NOT!" He laughed.
"Damn it little dwarf!" Screamed Noelle. "Respect your big sister!"
"Uhh, yeah! Like if you respected me!" He grabbed Noelle's shirt and opened the window. "I'll throw it!"
"NONONONO! It's made from the finest cotton ever found in the whole world!" Shouted Noelle. "PLEAAAAASE!! Can I do something? What do you want?"
"I have an idea!" Bradley smirked.
"NO! THE BUNNY SUIT NO!" Noelle was frightened. 
"It isn't a bad idea. But you know any Juliet White?" 
"Juliet White, huh? Yes, she's the head of the student council. Why?"
"Because I'd love to get a date with-"
"WHAT?" Screamed Noelle. "She's 17!"
"No idiot!" Bradley facepalmed. "I want to get a date with her sister! She studies with me!"
"Uh. Well, let me see what I can do. Now give me my shirt."
"Fine." Bradley rolled his eyes.

As Noelle put on her shirt again someone knocked the door and Noelle went down to open the door. It was Grace, who knocked in a certain way so they could recognize her. She was ready to go to Polka Dot Boutique to work. Noelle put her name tag on and went with Grace to the mall where her aunt's boutique was located. In the way they found Leah, and the latter went with the blonde and the brunette. In the mall there were Ivonne and Emille looking at a shelf on the new branch of Ontario Pets that opened that wednesday. It had pet care objects, a new special soap for dogs and lots of other stuff. 

"Sissy!" Shouted Leah. "Wanna come to Polka Dot?"
"Yeah, yeah! Just wait!" Stated her twin sister. "Maybe I can buy new contacts there!"

The three girls went to Polka Dot Boutique while talking.

"Your sister uses contacts?" Asked Noelle.
"Yeah, when we lived in Montreal she used to have big and somewhat funny glasses. But when she moved with my mother here, she started to use contacts. Then I moved to Toronto and here we are! She should start to use glasses like Cassandra's though."
"Cassy. Have you heard news about Cassy?" Added Grace.
"I think she moved to Ottawa." Replied Leah.
"OTTAWA?" Shouted the two girls. "Seriously?"
"Heck, I don't even know if it's a joke!" Stated Leah.

Even though Cassandra was  more of a joker type, she couln't joke over something like that. However Noelle had the hope that Cassandra  stayed there in Toronto since she was, apart from Grace and now Leah, her best friend. She hoped that was a joke. When she looked, they were inside Polka Dot boutique and Emille was there with Ivonne.

She took her place on the cash reigister while Grace and her aunt went to order some of the shoe boxes.

"Noelle, can you please come here?" Asked Ivonne.
"Sure." The brunette said. 
Noelle went there and Ivonne carried her to a corner. "So you like Logan, heh?"
"What? L-Logan!?" Shouted a blushed Noelle. "He's just my friend, idiot."
"Your words may say that, but your blush on your cheeks says otherwise." Replied Ivonne. 
"Damn it..." Muttered Noelle.

Noelle just stood there while Ivonne went out of the store. She couldn't believe it! She now had a rival in love, what never happened to her. She still had to get the date with Juliet's sister for Bradley and she didn't appear. Anyways she had an idea.

"Aunt Phoebe!" She shouted. 
"Yes sweetie?" 
"Can I take some of the coupons? I want to give them to the students this Monday."
"Fine! Take some of them!"


After a good weekend of delicious food and fights with her brother, it was now Monday and Noelle's phone alarm rang "7:00 A.M"

"Phone, shut up." Muttered a tired Noelle. Even after that, the phone didn't shut up. "Gaaaah. Fine." 

She got her phone that was on the bedside table and stopped the alarm. Then she went to her closet.

Noelle's bedroom was the second biggest of the house. She had light pink walls with heart stickers all over it, and a chalkboard with photos of her friends. Her bed was in one of the corners and it had her strawberry plushie and one pillow.At the right of it was a bedside table with a small lamp. Her closet was white and big, and then it had a nice rug over the floor where her piggy slippers lied. Her bathroom was big too. Noelle got her uniform and a pair of socks, then went to the bathroom to dress. 

After putting on her shoes and brushing her hair, Noelle went down to eat a plate of bagels.

"G' Morning mom!" She smiled. "I'm hungry. And you?"
"Of course I am. But here are your bagels, I'll eat later."

Noelle smiled to her mother and ate her bagels before getting to the door and saying "Bye Bye!"

After getting out of her house's door, she went walking until she stopped to answer a call on her phone. It was from Grace.

"Gal, so Logan kissed you?" Grace squealed. "EE! No way no way!! He kissed my baby? How was it?!"
"Please Grace. It was on my cheek. And it was because I saved him."
"NO! Kiss is kiss! Tell me how you felt dearling!"
"Well, I- I- I- I just... Aahhh... Felt li-"

Suddenly Logan appeared out of nowhere. Noelle didn't saw him until he greeted her.

"Hi 'Elle!" He smiled. 

Suddenly Noelle started to shiver and became red, signal that she was nervous. She asked herself if she would be like that every time Logan walked past her! 

"Noelle? Where are you?" Asked Grace by the phone. Noelle didn't hear her since she dropped the phone on her bag.


"Noelle? What if something bad happened to her? It's early, so whatever..." She scribbled into her purse to find the pendant Leah gave her the week before. "I can't believe we have the fate of the world on our hands..."

After she got her pendant she heard a loud scream. "UGH! GET OUT OF HERE! WHAT IS A TIGER DOING IN THE STREETS?" 

Grace touched the golden center of her crown pendant. "Blossom Power, come to me!"

She felt all warm and happy as she spinned on the green background while her clothes appeared. A burst of energy made her body feel even more powerful. her crown appeared, and after she put it on she was in the street, trying to find the tiger the strange person was shouting at...

When she found it, she summoned her fans. She remembered Leah told her to put her hands on her crown's golden gems and feel the burst of energy again. So she did it and her fans appeared.

"Great!" She shouted while closing her fans. "Now let's go."

She remembered Noelle. Now there were two problems. But as she kept running she saw no tiger in sight. So she went to see Noelle until she bumped into a cloaked figure. 

"Hey! Get out Grace!" Said the figure. Grace saw a star on the other girl's dress, just like Leah's but in purple and orange.
"How do you know my name!?" Grace proceeded to take the cloak off the girl. She had wavy black hair and a mask covered her eyes. 
"IDIOT!" The girl tried to put on her cloak but Grace opened her fans and paralyzed her.

Grace took carefully the mask off the girl. She had purple eyes. She couldn't believe it! She was nothing more and nothing less than...

"CASSANDRA! Wha-What the heck?" It could be seen that Grace didn't like to swear and used slight terms. She closed her fans and Cassandra finally could move again.
"Grace... You... Idiot! Why did you take off my cloak... I need to go secretly..."
"But Cassy? Are you homeschooled? Did you change school? I thought you moved to-"
Cassandra put her finger on Grace's mouth. "Shut up! I abandoned school so I could dedicate full-time on being a Keeper of the Blossom."
"Why did you do that?"
"Because my realm of origin needs to get rid of the monsters in order to keep balance in the world!"
"But... But THAT'S no excuse for leaving school!"
"I do what I want with my life!"
"HUH? I'm sorry, but MY own mther, and my mother alone, gave me a solid education and told me not to skip school!"
"Says the girl who is arriving late for school."
"Whatever.  My parents aren't never here so I can do whatever I want."
"You live with your aunt! You are not alone."
"Yes! But she doesn't care about me!"
"Still. Don't skip school for nonsense like that!" She opened her fans.
"FINE! If you wanna fight... WE'LL FIGHT."

As Cassandra sharpened the edges of her mask Grace was ready to prove her point right. She didn't care. She would still get early for school, since she was only 3 minutes late.

"Mirage Masquerade Starbust!" She tossed her mask just like a boomerang, pointing to Grace.

The sharp edges of the mask were about to it Grace when the latter made a barrier. They kept fighting until Cassandra received a stratch on her back.

"Hey, you were supposed to be allies, not enemies. I tought you should fight me after you harmed all of my beautiful kitties."

Cassandra turned to see who was there. It was a white haired catgirl with a whip on her hand.

"Kittens should be in the shelters, not in the streets fool!" Shouted Grace. "Bliss-"
"Stop right there!" The catgirl stood up and gave Grace an electric shock which made the latter fall on the floor. "Who is the kitten now?"
"You... Idiot..." Were the last words Grace could say.

Cassandra looked at the catgirl while sharpening the edges of her mask again. 

"Oh no. Don't even dare to touch Grace again..." Cassandra started to cry a bit. 
Princess Secret! Ch3 WIP
This is a work in progress for Princess Secret's Chapter 3.  
This is a guide for Princess Secret weapons and attacks.



Dazzling Dawn Rod: It's the weapon used by Leah/Dawn Keeper of the Blossom. Is as big as a small spatula and it has a blue shaft. On the top it has a heart-shaped mirror with light blue trim and a star on the middle of it. On the trim it has three circles: One on the top of the heart, and it's golden yellow, representing the dawn. The others are orange and purple, representing the dusk and night. The three are connected to the star. And in the shaft it has a lavender ribbon. The mirror helps to reflect the sunlight in her attacks, and that's why at dusk or night her attacks are weaker.
It first appears on Chapter 1 and is used to perform the "Sunny Heartbeat"

Rosebud Bow: It's the weapon used by Noelle/Rose Princess. Is a bit smaller than an average bow and arrow and the bow is made of wood with pink tips. As she is a princess, it has a crown-shaped ornament in the middle of it. The arrows resemble a rose bud. The tip is pink and shaped like a rose, and the rest is green like the rose's stem. They have two "Petals" at the sides.
After a fight they can regenerate, so they are endless. She just casts a regeneration spell and another batch grows.
It first appears on Chapter 2 and is used to perform the "Paradise Rose Blast"

Double Calla Fans: Are the weapons used by Grace/Calla Princess. They are a bit bigger than an average pair of fans. Their handles are made from wood. As she is a princess, it has a crown-shaped ornament in the middle of it. The fan part is made of pale green satin and they have green ribbons with yellow tips hanging from the handles, and hanging from the ribbons, a white part that resembles a calla. They can be closed and are really strong compared to a normal fan, since the materials have been protected with magic. They produce wind ranging from the mood of Calla Princess. If she's calm and fighting normally, they produce a breeze. But if she's angry, they make a hurricane or even a tornado.
It first appears on Chapter 2 and is used to perform the "Blissful Breeze"

Beautiful Bluebell: It's the weapon used by Kimmy/Bluebell Princess. Is as big as a small open notebook. The bell part it's made from an unknown metal and it resembles a bellflower.  As she is a princess, it has a crown-shaped ornament in the top of it. The handles are made from wood painted green with golden tips. The clappers are golden and also resemble a bluebell's interior.
It hasn't appeared yet in the story and therefore the attack is unknown.

Orchid Lyre: It's the weapon used by Juliet/Orchid Princess. Is a bit smaller than an average lyre and it's made of wood painted lavender. As she is a princess, it has a crown-shaped ornament in the bottom of it. It's decorated with swirls, purple gems and golden gems. The strings are normal strings used for lyres strenghened with magic.
It hasn't appeared yet in the story and therefore the attack is unknown.

Daffodil Light Spear: It's the weapon used by Taylor/Daffodil Princess. Is as long as a long spear and is made of bamboo painted white and the head is diamond-shaped and made of steel. It's decorated with pieces of amber on the inside. As she's a princess, it has a crown-shaped ornament just below it. It's the longest of the group's weapons and probably the most dangerous.
It hasn't appeared yet in the story and therefore the attack is unknown.



Sunny Heartbeat:
It consists of orange, heart-shaped rings that can shrink or defeat an enemy depending of how much energy it concentrates. For performing it, the star on the wand reflects the sunlight and lights up the three circles connected to it. The circles produce magic that gets out of the mirror and the rings go through the enemy.
It first appears in Chapter 1 with the Dazzling Dawn Rod.

Paradise Rose Blast: It consists of an explosion created by a Rosebud Arrow. For performing it, point to the target and release the arrow. When it hits the target, it'll transform into a full rose and make an explosion. The explosion will defeat the enemy depending on how powerful is the latter.
It first appears in Chapter 2 with the Rosebud Bow.

Blissful Breeze: It consists of a powerful breeze that can paralyze an enemy or heal a teammate. For performing it, shake the fans and they will concentrate energy and when you point the fans, the energy takes form of wind and it will make the desired effect. The force of the wind will depend on your mood.
It first appears in Chapter 2 with the Double Calla Fans.

Sweetheart Blossom: Incarnating as the "Cupid's Arrow" cliché, it is performed by a Rosebud Arrow. It can make two persons fall in love if done correctly. For performing it, touch the crown ornament so the bow can grow. Point two arrows at the sky and shout the name of the two persons you wanna make fall in love, followed by "Link!" i.e: "Ivonne and Logan, link!" and release the arrows. They will turn into a full rose when they hit the targets
It first appears in Chapter 3 with the Rosebud Bow.
In-Depth: Weapons and Attacks
:new: Added another attack for Noelle

This is a guide for getting to know better the Pincess Secret weapons and attacks.
[]Eres violenta o agresiva todo el tiempo
[]Tienes mucha fuerza o al menos eso dicen
[X]Te preocupa o te gusta alguien aunque demuestres lo contrario
[]Eres fría
[X]Eres competitiva  
[]Defiendes a alguien pero de forma violenta
[]Eres amorosa solo con la persona que te gusta
[X]Te gusta alguien o estas enamorada pero nadie lo sabe ni lo nota

Total: 3

[X]Eres tímida, antisocial o cerrada
[] Harías lo que sea por el o la que amas
[]Eres demasiado celosa
[]Tienes un arma letal escondida
[]Amas a alguien hasta morir 
[]Odias a la gente que está con tu novio o el que te gusta  
[x]Eres amable con los que quieres 
[]Estas obsesionada con el o ella 

Total: 2

[]Te vuelves violenta no por amor 
[]Eres cruel o sádica con alguien  
[]Tienes un arma letal escondida
[]Eres despiadada pero amable

Total: 0

[X]Eres bien callada
[]Eres fría
[X]Hablas solo cuando quieres y con pocas personas
[X]Eres calmada
[X]Eres dulce con pocas personas

Total: 4

[x]Eres algo difícil en las relaciones
[x]Eres un poco torpe a veces
[x]Eres algo difícil de complacer
[]Puedes ser un poquito directa a veces  

Total: 3


[i/] Definiciones: ��[i/]


Es quizás el estilo más solicitado en las chicas del animé, y de no ser así, el que resulta más popular o llamativo. Las Tsundere (Tsunderekko) se definen en dos palabras combinadas: Tsutsun (Agresivo) y deredere (Amoroso). En términos simples, es una chica que se muestra fuerte y agresiva con los que la rodean, muchas veces ni siquiera haciendo excepción de las personas por las cuales sienten algo (de ahñí viene que golpean a la gente que les gusta, en caso de sentirse incomodadas con ellos) pero, a pesar de eso, muy en el fondo, son personas muy cariñosas. Usan esta barrera de incorformismo, ira y agresividad, para no mostrar sus verdaderos sentimientos.

Si hablamos de una caracteristica física común: las coletas son un buen elemento para definirlas a simple vista XD...(eso es al menos lo que dijo Konata)

Ejemplos comunes:
Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
Asuka (Evangelion)
Tosaka Rin (Fate Stay Night)
Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)
Suzumiya Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu)
Taiga Aisaka (Tora-Dora)

Y masculinos, también los hay XD
Inglaterra (Hetalia)
Italia del Sur (Hetalia)


Estas son el contrario de las Tsundere, en todos sus aspectos. Las Yandere (Yanderekko) se definen en las palabras Yanderu (Enfermo) y deredere (Amoroso)...literalmente: Enfermas de Amor. Estos personajes, en un principio, son el clásico ejemplo de una chica tímida, inocente, quizás algo ingenua, y MUY amorosa (no piensen que es una Hinata Hyuuga, por el amor de Dios ¬¬). Conforme avanza la historia, ellas desarrolan un amor profundo hacia algún personaje, pero por algún motivo, este se ve destruido, dejándola con un permanente trauma psicológico que la hace enloquecer de forma gradual, hasta llevarla al extremo de comportamientos psicóticos, como lo son el homicidio y el suicidio...

Una característica fisica común...normalmente, no las hallarás que sean planas ^^U...

Ejemplos comunes:
Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Kotonoha Katsura (School Days)
Asakura Ryoko (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
Chiri Katsu (Sayonara Zetzubou Sensei)
Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle)
Belarus (Hetalia)


Al igual que las yandere, son personajes que gradualmente, o de forma sorpresiva, manifiestan actitudes psicópatas con las personas, a pesar de siempre haber sido muy amorosas y tiernas con todos ^^. Hay un margen definitivo que las diferencia entre sí, y es que no necesariamente se trata de un tema amoroso el que las hace enloquecer o actuar de esta forma. las yangire, también definidas con el término "Yanderu" (enfermo) se conjunta con el término "Kire" (Quiebre o quebrado). Representa un quiebre de personalidad sorpresivo, hacia alguna actitud o persona en especial, que la hace enloquecer y desbocarse en alguna acción homicida (o suicida) aún sin tener lazo o conexión amorosa con el causante. No confundir con las Yandere :3. Son denominadas Yangirekko.

Ejemplos comunes

Ryuuga Rena (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Furude Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Saionji Sekai (School Days...ella tan solo un poquito, pero...a falta de personajes, dejémosla como un ejemplo)
Madame Red (Kuroshitsuji)
Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Y masculinos...también los hay :3
Grell (Kuroshitsuji)
Mikami Teru (Death Note...¡vamos! estaba tan desesperado y abatido por lo que veía estaba pasando con raito, que no halló nada meor que enterrarse el bolígrafo en el abdomen...auch)
Russia (Hetalia)


Calladas como un cementerio, y MUY diferentes a los demás. Combinan los tñerminos "Kuu" (que viene de "Cold", si no me equivoco, que es "frío") y "deredere" (amoroso). "Amor Frío". Suelen ser frías, cínicas con la gente y no dan mucha importancia al plano amoroso.

Ejemplos comunes:
+Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
+Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)
+Enma Ai (Jigoku Shujo)
+Ezomori Nozomu (Kanokon)


Estas, a diferencia de las Kuudere, y a pesar de ser muy calladas y diferentes, cuando se hallan con alguien de suma confianza, son más cariñosas y tiernas ^^ Ejemplo: Kiyora Setsuna, de School Days...

Definiciones de : nekorocksmusic.forumcommunity.…
El finde Rosa y yo iremos a la playa!! Yyyy de paso ella se cortó el pelo uvu pero le queda besho!! Y buaaano. Tomaremos fotos (Sí por primera vez me verán la cara) Y buaano. Mi mamá y mis tíos nos van a llevar yyyyy pos poss esuuu...

Se despide Ichi uvu

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